The experience


The seasons

The hot summer day with the sun high in the sky, a fresh breeze and water which sparkles invitingly in the sunlight, begging you to jump in the.

The warm fall evening with a windless view of the sea while gliding silently across the water.

The ice cold feeling of capsizing in April because of a single moment of unattentiveness.

The winter trip wearing fleece, a drysuit, gloves and hat which inevitably gets too warm despite the temperature being -10 degrees.

The rain

The experience of droplets streaming down from the heavens transforming the water around you into a carpet of chaos, splash up to bite you. Before the rain starts, you will see it approach you as a gust of wind carries it towards you. The rain is like a clothing iron: The waves calm down and you can relax in your boat. Soaked but warm. 

The swimming trip

The joy of going out on a beautiful summer day to find the perfect sandy beach which is so darn difficult to get to by land.

The long journey

Going on a trip with the buddies. Tent, sleeping bag and a couple of days of food are packed into the boat. The wind and waves are on their way. Sweat, blisters, cramping legs and a sore bum from the long day on the water. Cooking on the campfire at the campsite. The satisfactions of getting there under your own steam.

The teaching of others

Helping out the newest batch of beginners, passing on the flame of passion for the sport and learning something yourself in the process.

The competition

Giving it your all for the final sprint. Your paddle is whipping water backwards while your legs push the boat forwards. At maxium heartrate, sweat is streaming down your body while you use all the willpower you can muster to not let your competitor get past you. The wave of relief when you are the first to cross the finish line.

The persistance

Daily exercise trips, weekly training programs, months of kilometer after kilometer to build your self up to win the races and reach your yearly distance goals.

The full day

Seeing the morning sun rise. The midday sun burning the back of your neck. The warm afternoon sun leading into dusk. The nightly spectacle of seeing fireflies play above the water.


Getting suprised by the waves caused by the speedboat which passed you seemingly so long ago. The waves coming in diagonally from behind, throwing the boat out of course again and again. The persistant headwind which cools you down more than you would like when you still have so far to go. The unexpected gust of wind which hits you.
But you push through, with more strength and balance than you knew you had.