Beginner courses at SKK

The courses take one weekend and at least two workday evenings to complete.

We would like to teach you to row a kayak and to introduce you the our community.
If you are not already an experienced kayaker it is mandatory for you to participate in

a beginner course in order to become a member of SKK.

Once you have signed up to a course you will recieve more information via email. 

Course plan 2022

ATTENTION! Signup starts Sunday the 2nd of January

Group 1 seakayak

Friday 29. April, Saturday 30. April, Sunday 1. May, Tuesday 3. May, Thursday 5. Maj.

Group 2 seakayak

Friday 6. May, Saturday 7. May, Sunday 8. May, Tuesday 10. May, Thursday 12. May.

Group 3 sportkayak

Friday 20. May, Saturday 21. May, Sunday 22. May, Tuesday 24. May, Tuesday 31. May.

Group 4 sportkayak

Friday 10. June, Saturday 11. June, Sunday 12. June, Tuesday 14. June, Thursday 16. June. 


Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 18:00-21:30

Saturday & Sunday: 9:00-16:00

Please come early.
If you wish to redress into appropriate clothing, we recommend showing up ~15 minutes before time.

Participation requirement:

To participate in a beginner course at SKK you must be able to swin 600 meters. There is no time limit

To prove that you are capable, we offer a swimming test at Humlehøj Svømmehal here in Sønderborg.

You can sign up to a course prior to showing us your swimming skills, but the test must be completed before your course begins. 

Once signed up to a course you can swim for free at Humlehøj Svømmehal during the winter season on Tuesday evenings 21:00-22:00.

Indoor swimming tests will be held Tuesday the 15th & Tuesday the 22nd of March at Humlehøj Svømmehal. 

An outdoor swimming test from SKK's floating dock to the innermost pillar of the Alssund bridge and back will be held when the water is warm.

See our club calendar and Facebook group for details. 


Signup to beginnercourses happens through our signup portal. Here you register as a member of SKK and tell us which beginner group you would like to be a part of. If we have no open spots left, you will not be able to sign up through the signup portal. 

What should i choose, sea- or sportkayak?

We invite you to read about the differences between sea- and sportkayaks here on our website


Follow a team of beginners in this video to see what it is like doing a beginner course at SKK.