Handicap race


Every Wedensday the members of SKK show off at the weekly handicap race. Here everyone can join in as, just like in golf, you battle against your own handicap, your own level.


Every wedensday at 18.30

The clocks starts at 18.30 afterwhich the participants push off in acending order off skill and speed so that everyone (in theory) crosses the finishline exactly at 19.30.

Start and finish are at SKK's floating dock.

The route is 6 km long and goes north to Folehaven. Here you must circle SKK's turningbuoy and then return back. Some row the route in 45 minutes, some even under 30 minutes.

After the race there is "grillhygge" on our balcony. Come enjoy some barbeque food and good company, regardless off whether you participated in race of the day.

Latest results

Updated every Wedensday after the race

Who finished first?

Who improved their PR the most?

Who got the greatest amount of points?

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Updated every Wedensday after the race

Who is in the lead in the competion for the coveted trophy?

Who is wearing the leaders jersey most often?

And who is the winner of the beginners competion?

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